Iran re-launches port passenger line to UAE

Bandar Abbas (IP) - The passenger line of Shahid Bahonar Port in Hormozgan province, southern Iran, has resumed its activities to the United Arab Emirates.

Iran PressIran news: Shahid Bahonar Port is the third export port of Iran and is active in the export of non-oil goods and the transportation of domestic and international passengers.

Good geographical location and access to open waters through the Persian Gulf and international waterways have made Shahid Bahonar Port a strategic center.

The passenger line of Shahid Bahonar Port in Hormozgan province to the UAE has resumed its activities since February 3, 2022, after a two-year suspension due to coronavirus outbreak.

Passengers from Shahid Bahonar Port to the UAE and vice versa, in compliance with health protocols and maximum use of masks and vaccinations, travel in a fast passenger boat on this route.


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