Tehran (IP) - Rare Diseases Foundation Managing Director said the institute has found 299 disease in this type, which two in ten thousand suffer and provide services for around 3000 patients in the country.

Iran Press/Iran news:  "Rare disease foundation of Iran was founded in 2008 by Dr. Ali Davoudian. This NGO helps rare patients, dedicated to some patients with low prevalence in medical statistical," said Dr. Hamid reza Edraki Managing Director at Rare Disease Institute of Iran (RADOIR) in an exclusive interview with Iran press.

"Two in ten thousand patients is the prevalence of rare disease according to medical references," he added.

"We have set up new high tech diagnostic tools for early diagnosis such as High Tesla MRI, High Tech CT Scan, 3D and 4D Doppler Ultrasound, Radiographic tools," he mentioned.

He continued: "There are around 3000 patients suffering from rare disease in Iran who are covered by the RADOIR foundation."

RADOIR foundation is a member of International Society for Neonatal Screening (ISNS), Cancer Epigenetics Society (CES), and also WHO. 

Rare disease national day is February 1st. 209/213

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