New York (IP)- The political deputy of the president says Iran plays an important, and active role in the emerging regional order with its active regional and foreign policy.

Iran PressAmerica: The deputy presidential chief of staff for political affairs Mohammad Jamshidi shared with Iran Press about the objectives of President Raisi's visit to New York, saying the attendance was an opportunity to express positions, and views, and negotiate with other countries about bilateral relations and Macro and regional policies.

Pointing to the President's speech at the UN General Assembly, Jamshidi stated that the main approaches and priorities of Iran's policies about regional and international developments were expressed.

On the emergence of a new order at the international level, Jamshidi emphasized that the order must follow a stable path.

Calling the emerging order "non-Western" the Iranian official called on the participation of emerging powers in the new order.

Neighborliness and convergence policy is pursued by the Raisi administration in the region, according to the Iranian official.

Iran's attendance at the UN General Assembly proved the country's dominant role in the emergence of the new world order.

Bilateral meetings where Iran's interests lay, were termed as "opportunities" to develop and cement ties with other countries, as per the political deputy. 

Jamshidi pointed out that all participant countries in the meetings were willing to cooperate seriously with Iran in the field of economics. 


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