More than 70,000 pages of Israeli judicial documents, some of which bear secret and top-secret seals, have been leaked and are being reviewed and analyzed by Iran, informed sources revealed.

Iran PressIran News: Iran has gotten its hand on the whole archive of the Zionist regime’s judiciary, including sensitive information about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s case.

According to documents, Netanyahu and his wife Sara suffer from a relapsed psychiatric disease, which prompted a member of Yair Lapid’s party to take to the Judiciary to call into question Netanyahu’s fitness for the top job. 

The member of Lapid’s party took the medical case of Netanyahu and his wife to court in the hope of barring him from assuming public office over mental health problems.

The court reviewed the documents and signaled seriousness in following up on the case, but a top judicial official shelved the case, saying in handwriting, “The court does not have the authorization to look into this case, and moving ahead with it could endanger the Zionist entity’s national security.”

In addition to this case, Netanyahu faced other lawsuits, which have been shelved through bribery, bullying, and political influence. 

The case in question could well be the reason why the phones of a number of members of Lapid’s party and Lapid himself, were hacked recently, according to the Zionist media.

Observers said the Netanyahu could be behind the hack. Considering that the information about the court cases of Netanyahu, his party, and many of the officials of the current cabinet of the Zionist regime, as well as some abuses and unannounced donations to the Haredis and their corruption and espionage cases, have been leaked, the possibility of retaliation cannot be ruled out. At any rate, what is important now is the top-secret information that is in Iran's possession and can jeopardize the regime's national security.

The archive includes documents showing how the Zionist regime's judiciary discriminated against Arab citizens in a systematic way. The documents show that the Zionist judges have always issued verdicts against Arab citizens based on an undeclared guideline. 

In general, based on the information provided by sources familiar with the matter, more than 70,000 pages of judicial documents, some of which bear secret and top-secret seals, have been leaked and are being reviewed and analyzed. 

The leakage of the archive is yet another indication of how vulnerable the Zionist entity has become. This comes at a time when Zionist officials, notably the Mossad chief David Barnea, have ramped up their rhetoric against Iran.

In response, Iran has elevated the directorate charged with countering the Zionist regime to a higher level of a department within Iran’s security services, according to sources familiar with the matter.