Bishkek (IP) - In the meeting between the first vice president of Iran and the prime minister of Kyrgyzstan, the two sides agreed on the development of economic cooperation, including the establishment of a railway corridor, assistance in the construction of a refinery, the purchase and sale of bitumen and grains, the establishment of commercial centers, and the construction of a power plant.

Iran PressAsia: Mohammad Mokhber, the First Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, on Wednesday, met with the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, Akylbek Zhaparov, expressing regret over the current situation of the Gaza Strip and the killing of the oppressed people of Palestine by the Israeli regime called on the Kyrgyz authorities to use all their efforts together with the free and humanitarian countries of the world to stop the bombardment of the people of Gaza and reopen the path of humanitarian aid.

In continuation of this meeting, at the request of the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, the Iranian oil and economy ministers of Kyrgyzstan were assigned to help start a refinery and produce gasoline in this country, as well as plan the purchase of bitumen.

Setting up a trade center and holding a mutual product exhibition in the two countries were among other agreements of this meeting.

Also, in this meeting, the parties reached an understanding about the use of the national currency of the two countries in commercial exchanges and the operationalization of commodity clearing processes by both sides, especially in the field of needed goods such as meat and grains.

The first vice president of the Islamic Republic of Iran has traveled to Kyrgyzstan to participate in the 22nd meeting of the prime ministers of the member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which will be held on Thursday (October 26) in the capital city of Bishkek.


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