Iran is ready for US return to JCPOA: FM Zarif

Tehran (IP) - The Iranian Foreign Minister stated that Iran is ready for the United States to return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), but Washington must gain the privilege of returning to the agreement by fulfilling its commitments.

Iran PressIran News: Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif recently appeared on the internet program 'Asr-e Hairat' in an interview with the Arman Media Cultural Institute, which was broadcast on its YouTube channel.

Zarif referred to Joe Biden's election as President of the United States, stating: "We will have to wait to see what Joe Biden wants to do because Biden's people know they have to go back to the JCPOA."

According to Zarif, the United States withdrew from the JCPOA, and is no longer a member of that and has not been able to return the UN Security Council's resolutions against Iran, so the United States suspended its presence in the JCPOA.

The Iranian Foreign Minister added: "But the United States is a member of the United Nations, and according to Article 25 of the Charter of the United Nations, the United States should not obstruct the implementation of the JCPOA."

"The United States is obliged to return to the JCPOA and for the United States to become a member of this agreement, it should try to obtain the conditions for membership in the JCPOA, while members of the Biden government also know that some issues, including Iran's missile, are not debatable because these issues were raised during the JCPOA negotiations and cannot be raised at the moment,” Zarif added.

Zarif also noted: "They are not looking for more sympathy for Iran, but have come to the conclusion that they cannot limit us in terms of defense. Last year, the United States, France, and Britain sold $ 67 billion in weapons to Saudi Arabia. Also, $ 22 billion worth of munitions, including F-35 jets, have been sold to the UAE.”

The Iranian Foreign Minister underscored: "We are ready for the United States to return to the JCPOA, but the United States must gain the privilege of returning to the agreement by fulfilling its obligations."

"We are not pessimistic about the future. The United States has put a lot of pressure on the Iranian people, but it has not been able to do anything, and the United States is a loser regarding this issue. However, we are not winners, either because the people were under pressure and this game can lead to a win-win game,” the Iranian Foreign Minister noted.


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