Aug 01, 2020 15:14 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 01, 2020 15:54 Asia/Tehran]
  • Int'l drug trafficking ring disbanded

Urmia (IP) - An international drug trafficking gang was disbanded in northwestern Iran.

Iran Press/Iran News: "With the intelligence and operational measures of the security forces in West Azerbaijan province, an international drug trafficking gang was disbanded and more than 1100 kilograms of heroin were discovered,"  the Ministry of Intelligence announced on Saturday.

The statement from the Ministry of Intelligence said, "In this operation, the European leader of the gang was killed in an armed conflict, and seven key members of the gang who were trying to transport drugs to European countries were arrested."

Iran lies on the main smuggling route linking the opium poppy fields of Afghanistan with Europe and has had a leading role at the global level in the drug-control campaign. 101

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