Jul 09, 2020 12:57 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jul 09, 2020 15:38 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Parliament Speaker has said that despite the global demands to decrease US pressures and sanctions against the world's nations including Iran, the US still is increasing its maximum pressures.

Iran PressIran News: In his Thursday speech at the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) virtual meeting, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf stressed the strong condemnation of the US' inhuman act as a necessity for the international community. 

Iranian Parliament Speaker stressed that the prevention of sanctions in the post-coronavirus era should be regarded as the main axis of the legislative process in the world's parliaments.

Qalibaf said opportunities and threats created by the coronavirus crisis go beyond the geographic boundaries. 

Iran believes the opportunities must be benefited through parliamentary multilateral interactions as well as reducing the negative effects created out of the coronavirus outbreak, he noted. 

Iranian senior officials referred to the economic consequences of the coronavirus crisis and highlighted the need to review the trade strategies in order to reconstruct the economy. 

The Speaker pointed to the experiences created for the Asian Parliament Assembly member states with regards to the medical and health experiences on fighting coronavirus, and said by exploiting, deepening and diversifying the experiences, flexibility would be given to the new arrangement of the trade and economic relations between countries in the current and future conditions.

He supported 'Parliamentary Economic Diplomacy' as a way to progress economic boosting among the assembly member states and suggested the secretariat of the APA to prepare a report on the roles and capacities of the Asian parliaments to bring the trade and economic horizons of countries and parliaments closer together and to increase synergy among them.

Qalibaf also put emphasis on formulating legal frameworks, finding developmental, facilitative and accelerative solutions for economic relations and support of bilateral and multilateral agreements, creating supportive and incentive mechanisms, supporting the creation of new frameworks in new platforms, and preventing any illegal restrictions and biased ideas such as oppressive sanctions that hinder the expansion of economic relations.

New Israeli occupation; source of new regional crisis

Iran's Parliament Speaker stressed that the Israeli regime's new occupation plan of annexing the West Bank to the occupied territories is new aggression on the Palestinians' rights which can instigate a new crisis in the region.

Qalibaf voiced the Iranian Parliament's support of the Palestinian nation and condemned the Israeli regime's anti-human intensions.

He also called for the international bodies including APA to take a decisive stance to immediately stop the Zionist regime's aggressive and occupation actions.

In the end, the Speaker stressed that Iran welcomes further strengthening of relations and effective consultations with the world countries' parliaments, seeking to expand and deepen constructive parliamentary interactions, and is fully ready for contribution in reaching this very goal.


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