May 23, 2020 20:41 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 23, 2020 21:26 Asia/Tehran]
  • As in past, Larijani will be active in other areas of system: Pres. Rouhani

Tehran (IP) - Iranian President said that Ali Larijani has been one of the valuable figures of the Islamic system since the beginning of the revolution, adding: "Larijani will definitely be active in other areas of the system as in the past."

Iran Press/Iran news: At the end of the 50th session of the Supreme Council for Economic Coordination of the three branches of the government, the President praised the active and valuable presence of Ali Larijani and representatives of the legislature in these meetings, and said: "Mr. Larijani is actively involved in the discussions of these meetings and their conclusion and provided very good comments in various sections, and I would like to thank him and the two members of parliament who helped us in these meetings."

Hassan Rouhani said: "We have benefited from his presence in various positions, including the IRIB, the Majlis, the Supreme National Security Council, and later in the meetings of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution and the Supreme Council of Cyberspace and the meeting, which was held to cooperate and interact with the three branches of powers on economic issues."


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