Feb 03, 2020 12:26 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jun 22, 2020 13:52 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - Foreign Ministry spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi in his weekly press conference said Omanis Foreign Minister trips to Tehran are conducted as usual to discuss the developments of the region and nothing extraordinary.

Iran PressIran news: Iranian Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry Seyyed Abbas Mousavi described Omani FM Yusuf bin Alawi's trips to Tehran as routine and added: "Our friends in the region are concerned about increasing tensions and the conflicts get out of the control, which has led to discussions on these issues."

On the possibility of negotiation with the US, Mousavi said: "It is a position that all the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran have rejected from all ranks, and those who are raising the exchange of the messages and mediation are well aware that Iran has no bilateral negotiations with the Americans, and it won't, and that's our policy".

 He added: what the system insists on is that Americans have to go back to pre-2017 conditions and the unilateral sanctions they imposed and return to the negotiating table in the form of a 5 + 1 and compensate for our losses and to repent and sit in the corner and get into the equation. These are not new words. It is the position of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the time being.

Mousavi also responded to a question about Iran's regional policy, "Iran's policy in the region is stabilizing and constructive. Wherever we felt our words and influence have a listener, we used it for stability and security in the region. Iran uses the power to work for stability and security in the region."

Iranian Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry Seyyed Abbas Mousavi concludes that: If we have an advisory presence somewhere, it is at the invitation of the regional states and the legal powers of the region and their formal request. I do not think that Iran's regional policy, which is principled, constructive and stabilizing, rational and legal is changed in the light of the pressures and developments that have taken place. 205/219

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