Nov 21, 2019 17:57 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jul 31, 2020 21:40 Asia/Tehran]
  • Iranian armed forces staged joint air defense drill
    Iranian armed forces staged joint air defense drill

The Iranian armed forces on Thursday staged the joint air defense exercise, 'Modafean-e Aseman-e Velayat 98' codenamed 'Guardians of Velayat's Sky-98' in the central Iranian province of Semnan.

Iran Press/Iran news: The war game is aimed at boosting the combat readiness and consolidate the air defense capabilities of the armed forces in simulated real-war conditions, Iran Press reported.

The drill includes various types of homegrown missile systems and radars countering aerial threats in low, medium and high altitudes.

Commander of the Iranian Army’s Air Defense, Brigadier General Alireza Sabahi Fard said the drill zone has been configured to simulate the situation at the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz.

 He noted that the ongoing air defense drill in northern parts of Iran includes tactics to exercise the “toughest and most actual combat conditions.”205

Joint air defense drill to lunch in central Iran