Jun 02, 2019 17:12 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jan 09, 2020 11:13 Asia/Tehran]

Sarbaz (IP) - After several years of drought, the deserts of south eastern Iran bloomed with beautiful flowers making a wonderful scenery near the town of Sarbaz in southeastern Iran, after the recent heavy downpours in March and April.

Iran Press/Iran news: The deserts of southeastern Iran have blossomed with beautiful flowers because of the recent heavy rainfall in those regions. The flowers which are usually planted in tourist destinations, have grown naturally along the river 'Sarbaz', which passes through the town of the same name. 

'Sarbaz' city located in southeastern Sistan and Balouchestan province, and is also referred to as the Paradise of tourists because of its beautiful nature and environment, reported Iran Press.

The town of Sarbaz is close to the border with Iran's neighbour, Pakistan.