Geneva (IP) - Iranian Health Minister said that Iran successfully has contained the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to the efforts of the medical staff and the collaboration of the people.

Iran PressEurope: Meeting with the Head of the World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday, Bahram Einollahi said that it was more than two weeks before the daily death toll of the COVID-19 patients in Iran fell below 10.

He told Tedros Adhanom that the sanctions by the West led by the US failed to hinder the Iranian nation's success in the fight against the pandemic and the nationwide vaccination. 

Einollahi criticized some of the international health organizations over the undesired situation of some parts of the world: "for years, some war-hit parts of the world are not in a desired situation with regard to medical and health care services; those international bodies responsible for the issue must take the necessary measures in this regard." 

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The Head of WHO, for his part, appreciated Iran's efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic in Iran and said that vaccination in the country was at an ideal level.

The meeting happened on the sidelines of the 75th meeting of the World Health Assembly held in Geneva, Swiss.  


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