Iran's chief negotiator:

Vienna (IP) - In the course of the talks in Vienna, Iran has provided the European parties to the 2015 nuclear deal with two completed drafts containing its proposals and positions on removing the sanctions imposed by the US on Iran after leaving the agreement and Tehran’s nuclear commitments.

Iran PressEurope: Speaking to reporters in the Austrian capital on Thursday, Iran’s chief negotiator Ali Bagheri-Kani said two completed drafts had been submitted the P4+1 — France, Britain, Germany, Russia, and China — concerning the removal of the United States’ sanctions and Tehran’s nuclear commitments under the agreement, officially named the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

He added that the content of the drafts includes all of the proposals and positions of the Iranian negotiating team.

He added that Iran was now waiting to hear from the other side to see whether they had to put the Iran-drafted documents to the discussion.

The lead negotiator also warned the other negotiating teams not to allow outside players to disrupt the negotiations.

A European diplomat in Vienna has confirmed to Reuters that the draft documents had been handed over.

Representatives of Iran and the P4+1 countries started a new round of talks last Monday at the Coburg Hotel in Vienna.


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