Kabul (IP) - Alireza Bigdeli, Deputy Foreign Minister for Consular, Parliamentary, and Iranian expatriate Affairs, and the Taliban's acting foreign minister Amir Khan Muttaqi met in Kabul on Sunday.

Iran Press / Iran News: In his visit to Kabul, Alireza Bigdeli will discuss obstacles to Afghans' traveling issue to Iran.

They also assessed the level of relations between the two countries as exemplary.

Muttaqi stressed that the Taliban government is trying to make the enemies of Afghanistan disappointed and the friends happy because Iran and Afghanistan have common enemies, and Afghanistan is an independent country.

The Iranian diplomat also said good neighborliness is one of Iran's foreign policy principles, and Tehran pays special attention to its neighbors.

Reza Bigdeli also expressed hope that visas between the two countries would be waived with establishing stability in Afghanistan.

The Iranian diplomat also asked the foreign minister of the Afghan government to solve some problems of Iranian business people.


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