Tehran (IP) - The Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman has condemned the Israeli regime for killing Dr. Ahmed Bahr, Deputy Speaker and Acting Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, offering condolences over the loss to the leadership of the Hamas resistance movement, the Palestinian people, and the family of the dear martyr.

Iran PressIran news: Nasser Kanaani stressed that the apartheid Israeli regime has once again exposed its evil, murderous, and inhumane nature to the whole world by killing Dr. Bahr and thousands of other Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the West for over 40 days.

He noted that undoubtedly, such crimes would not weaken the firm determination of the Palestinian people and resistance movements to keep fighting on the path to the liberation of their land from the Israeli occupiers.

Kanaani called on international assemblies, organizations, and institutions to fulfill their responsibilities and take immediate deterrent measures to stop the targeted killing machine and organized terrorism of the Israeli regime against the Palestinian people and to hold the Israeli criminals accountable before justice and international law.


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