On the sidelines of the 15th Summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Banjul, Gambia, a diplomatic engagement took place between Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, Iran's Foreign Minister, and his Egyptian counterpart, Sameh Shoukry.

Iran PressAfrica: The discussions between Amir-Abdollahian and Shoukry come at a crucial time, following a series of high-level meetings between Iranian and Egyptian leaders aimed at bolstering coordination.

Notably, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi recently met with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Sisi in Riyadh, underscoring a warming of relations that had been tested in previous years.

The interaction between the foreign ministers in Banjul builds on their previous discussions in Geneva and New York, highlighting ongoing efforts to align their strategies concerning regional issues, particularly the conflict in Gaza.

This meeting marked the first of several bilateral talks scheduled during the summit, reflecting a period of intensified diplomatic activity between the two nations.

In the meeting, the two parties discussed and exchanged opinions regarding their latest efforts to promote bilateral relations and the latest developments in the region, especially the situation in Palestine and Gaza, and the ongoing efforts to stop the crimes of the Zionist regime against the Palestinian people.

The two ministers also exchanged their latest assessments of regional developments, especially in Palestine and the war against Gaza.

During the meeting, Iran's Amir-Abdollahian thanked Egypt for its efforts and positions to stop the genocide in Gaza and reiterated Iran's readiness to send humanitarian aid to Gaza and requested Cairo's assistance in this regard.

Pointing to the consequences of the continuation of the war in Gaza and the Israeli attacks against the Palestinian people and the high human and material losses, especially the killing of civilians by the occupying regime, Sameh Shoukry expressed hope that the current political and negotiation efforts will lead to the cessation of the war against Gaza and the realization of the rights of the Palestinian people.

The Egyptian FM stressed a ceasefire in Gaza, the exchange of prisoners between the Israeli regime and Hamas, and the full stop of the war on Gaza.

The US-backed Israeli unprecedented genocide of the Palestinian people began on October 7, as the result of which over 34,650 people have so far been martyred and over 77,900 others have been wounded, besides the Gazans' struggling with famine and starvation created due to the war. 

Sameh Shoukry said that the countries of the world should be encouraged to recognize Palestine as an independent country based on the two-state approach, the Arab country's MFA said in a statement.