Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi

Tehran (IP) - Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi has stressed that the Islamic Republic has mobilized all of its facilities to take on the Coronavirus and expresses its gratitude for help from all friendly nations.

Iran Press/Iran news: In his press conference in Foreign Ministry through video conference in Tehran, Seyyed Abbas Mousavi told the reporters that since the early days of Coronavirus outbreak in Iran, we have mobilized all our facilities and capabilities in the country in coordination with the Ministry of Health to combat the disease and assess the country's needs in this regard.

Mousavi said: "The coronavirus outbreak in Iran has been sudden and the Islamic Republic has been prepared to combat the unwanted guest.

"One of the needs of the country in this field was the preparation of specialized kits for coronavirus test and some special drugs; Iranian Foreign Ministry had been in close contact with many countries in order to supply pharmaceutical and health needs to contain the disease. Iran has obtained the means of support through certain friendly countries," he said.

He went on saying: "Fortunately, most of our needs are available inside the country and we have no shortage, so far some countries and governments have announced their readiness to help Iran, the Red Cross has provided some assistance, Turkey has helped, and some neighbors countries also ready to help us."

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi said the Islamic Republic is suspicious of the US' offer to help Iran in fight against the spread of coronavirus, and it doubts Americans' goodwill.

Referring to the recent deal between Taliban and the US in Doha, Mousavi said: "All paths to peace and stability in Afghanistan must be through an inter-Afghan consensus and should be led by the Afghan government,” adding that: "As for the Taliban-US cooperation and negotiations that led to an agreement in Qatar, we support every effort for stability and security in Afghanistan but we have doubts about the US’ intention."

Mousavi also thanked China for its help to Iran to deal with the Coronavirus  issue as saying: "The Chinese government stood with the Iranian government and nation, just as Iran was stood with the Chinese government. So far, several shipments of aid have been sent from China, and Chinese research and medical team have arrived in the country to provide Iran with its latest findings."

Mousavi noted: "The Iranian government has contacted the Taliban with the knowledge of the Afghan government, and we will continue our talks with the Taliban as before and the Taliban-US agreement will not have any effect on these talks."

Asked about France's military presence in the Strait of Hurmuz, the top diplomat said: "Any presence of foreign troops in the region is causing instability and destructive action. Iran and Oman are working closely together to ensure the safety of this waterway."

On recent violent developments in India, the spokesman said: "We are deeply disturbed by the news that comes from India and of what is taking place there has deeply saddened us," adding that: "We consider India as a country of religious tolerance. The news we hear is very worrying, we hope that the violence in the country will end soon, the country turns back into a peaceful place for co-existence. We hope that this violence will be ended as soon as possible and that stability and peace be restored for all Indian minorities, including Muslims."

Mousavi went on to mention the latest developments in Idlib and the timing of the Astana Process Summit in Tehran: "The only fundamental solution for Syria is a political approach, there are nothing more important than the Astana process. Let's go back. This process has been working for several years and a good agreement will be reached between the three countries in the meantime. If we go back to this process, we will find good solutions for Syria and Idlib, which everyone will be satisfied."

About the situation in Idlib between Iran and Turkey, Mousavi said: "We expressed our concern and announced that immediate solution is the immediate ceasefire in Idlib and the trilateral summit of the three countries to hold peace talks at different levels. We are waiting for the summit in Tehran to be finalized and we hope that this issue will be finalized with the agreements reached."


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