Tehran (IP) - The ambassador of Tajikistan to Tehran announced a 5-time increase in economic and commercial relations between Iran and Tajikistan.

Iran PressIran news:  According to the Iran Press news agency on Saturday; Nizamuddin Zahedi, Ambassador of Tajikistan to Tehran last Friday night at the ceremony of "Cultural Heritage Night of Iran and Tajikistan" which was held in Niavaran Historical and Cultural Complex, emphasizing that the development of relations with Iran is one of the priorities of Tajikistan's foreign policy, he raised the level of political relations between Tehran and Dushanbe.

He described it as excellent and said: "In the last three years, economic and commercial relations between Iran and Tajikistan have increased from 57 million dollars a year to 270 million dollars, which shows a 5-time growth."

This Tajik diplomat added: "Holding joint cultural events between Tehran and Dushanbe, in addition to awareness of cultural heritage, also provides the opportunity to introduce joint cultural achievements to the nations."

Nizamuddin Zahedi also pointed out that Tajikistan has so far registered 10 cultural heritages in the UNESCO organization and said: "Out of these, we have jointly registered four heritages with Iran.

Abdul Hossein Khosropanah, the secretary of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution of Iran, also said in this ceremony:

"The common language and historical connection has caused the connection of thought and wisdom between the two Tajik and Iranian nations."

The Islamic Republic of Iran has made a great contribution in helping to strengthen the infrastructure and the development and prosperity of Tajikistan, and it has no restrictions for the development of relations and cooperation with the Republic of Tajikistan.

Iran was among the first countries to recognize the independence of Tajikistan and was the first country to open its embassy in Dushanbe.

No country has a close relationship with Tajikistan as much as the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the reason for this is the racial, historical, cultural, religious, and linguistic affinities of the nations of the two countries.


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