The joint drill of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan in order to counter terrorism and ensure the stable security of Aras Dam was held for one day in the city of Poldasht, West Azerbaijan.

Iran PressIran news: The drill aims to show the combat readiness of Iran and Azerbaijan in the fight against terrorism, Brigadier General Karim Cheshak said on Thursday.

Both sides also depict their excellent capability in preserving lasting security in the local area of Aras, which is subject to possible attacks by terrorist groups, he added.

Bolstering bilateral relations at the strategic and operational level to maintain peace, safeguard mutual interests, and boost sustainable security in the geopolitical sphere of the South Caucasus are among the objectives of the drill, he said.

The joint drill consisted of four operational stages, the commander stated.

The implementation of reconnaissance operations (including signal identification of the position of terrorist elements and identification and monitoring of the area using drone and helicopter systems); planning, directing and implementing combat patrol operations (including free-fall parachuting operations in the main hiding places of terrorist groups and conducting combat patrol operations); planning, directing and implementing ambush operations (including pursuing terrorist groups by implementing ambush operations in identified routes); and finally planning, directing and executing the planned field artillery, aerial, and drone fires and clearing the area (including aerial and drone fires against terrorist forces, the implementation of heavy artillery fire against terrorist and operations to clear the area from terrorist groups and ensure the security of Aras Dam).

The drill aims to further cement the friendly, long-standing bond between the nations, he said, adding the maneuver was conducted to further deepen regional peace and stability in the region, he further noted.