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Abuja(IP)- Nigerian politician, in an exclusive interview with Iran Press, stated Iran's Islamic Revolution led by Imam Khomeini has been described as something that opened doors for freedom seekers around the world to liberate their countries and it cannot be destroyed.

Iran PressAfrica: Muhammad Ibrahim Gamawa, a Nigerian politician, author, analyst and Newspaper publisher revealed in an exclusive interview with Iran Press in Abuja, said: "It's a blessing from Allah to have Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei as the successor of Imam Khomeini."

"The revolution of 1979 led by Imam Khomeini has kindled the light of freedom in the world and it has become an epitome, something for the entire world to copy in the way of liberating their countries. You can say Imam Khomeini has taught the world how peacefully to change a system and impact a new system into the minds of the masses," Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Gamawa said.

The prominent politician added that the Iranian revolution has taught the world how to liberate their countries from the colonialists and from every other person that might come to enslave them under a different name and in a different form from the one the colonialists use.

"On how the Islamic Revolution survives despite sanctions and evil plots by the world's arrogant powers, he said "The revolution has stood for decades without shaking, knowing fully well how it cut the hands of the arrogant powers of the world, that means the powerful nations. So far day in and day out, sanctions are being imposed on Iran in whatever forms, whatever happens in Iran, there is going to be an excuse for the Western world to impose sanctions on Iran but yet, the Iranian revolution stands the way it is. Thanks to God for the gift of Allah the Almighty, the gift Allah gave to the entire world, that was Imam Khomeini."

Gamawa who is also an Islamic scholar said Imam Khomeini has placed the Islamic Revolution on some kind of pillars that cannot be destroyed until the coming of the last Imam Mahdi (AS).

"Now the revolution has gone to every corner of the world. Every human being in this world is yearning and inspiring to have a country like Iran that was led by Imam Khomeini. It was a revolution that was not based on ethnicity, it was not based on tribe. The revolution was Islamic but didn't impose Islam (by force) on any other person. It's the revolution that was exported to other countries employing awareness so that you can pick whatever side you want to use in your country, whether the country is Islamic or non-Islamic," he continues.

Furthermore, Gamawa expressed that despite how strong Iran is, the country has never invaded others.

Two, it's the country that has never thought of invading any other country to impose its ideas, and ideologies that are well-shaped, well-built, and well-packaged.

The name of the late Imam Khomeini will never be forgotten in the history of humanity until the last day. This is the revolution that lasted, approaching fifty years, meanwhile, all the forces of (arrogant) of this world have been facing it with every nuclear of ideological propaganda, and their weapons were used against the revolution without success.

Now, soft war, through ideas against Iran, through propaganda. Whatever means that the Western world has to tarnish the image of Iran has been launched, yet Iran is much stronger. Also, Iran has shown the whole world that they're out to support every person in this world who needs help irrespective of being a Muslim, Christian, or even an atheist.

Muhammad Ibrahim Gamawa concluded with describing having Sayyed Ali Khamenei leader of the Islamic Revolution as a gift by Allah.

The Nigerian politician appreciated God's grace for bestowing Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei to Imam Khomeini and the Islamic Revolution of Iran, as Iran's leader presents the same qualities possessed by Imam Khomeini.



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