Ankara (IP) - Following anti-Israeli rallies and demonstrations around the world, Turkish citizens gathered in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, to support Palestine.

Iran PressAsia: Following the call of civil organizations in Turkey to hold a support meeting for Palestine, the Turkish people gathered in Anadolu Square in Ankara late on Sunday, while supporting the oppressed people of Gaza and condemning the crimes of the Israel regime, they called an end to the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.

The Turkish people emphasized that any compromise and normalization of Turkey's relations with the Israeli regime is condemned. In an interview with Iran Press on the ground, several demonstrators stressed supporting the Palestinian people and fighting against the Israeli regime and declared that they would fight against the Israeli regime until the last drop of their blood and support the Palestinian resistance. Asserting that every noble will not remain silent against the crimes of the Israeli regime in Gaza, the demonstrators emphasized that the resistance will continue until the final victory and the freedom of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Palestinian land.


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