A powerful blast ripped through a factory in an Israeli city north of Tel Aviv, injuring three people, one in critical condition.

Iran Press/Middle East: The blast occurred early Tuesday at the factory in Ramat Hasharon’s industrial site, Israeli media reported.

Residents reported a large flash of light in the sky following the blast. The cause of the explosion was not immediately known.

Police and emergency responders were dispatched to the scene.

The Israel Fire and Rescue Services said that when firefighters joined “security personnel at the factory, several centers of combustion were found,” and they gained control of the fires “without the use of hazardous materials.”

Rotem Biran, a resident of the nearby city of Hod Hasharon, told the Ynet website that “a very strong flash … lit up the sky like daylight in the morning.”

Biran, riding a bicycle with his friends, said they “saw a large mushroom of smoke above the area. A friend thought we were being bombed.”

Back in June, Herzliya, a coastal city, experienced a huge explosion. According to Israeli media, the cause of the explosion was due to gunpowder being improperly stored in an old ammunition factory.


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