ISFAHAN (IP) — Khaled Mahmoud, the Research Program Director at the Qatar Environment and Research Institute, has underlined the transformative potential of technology in tackling the multifaceted challenges faced by the Muslim world. Mahmoud's remarks reflect a growing sentiment among scholars that technology holds the key to addressing pressing issues within Muslim-majority nations.

Iran PressIran news: In an increasingly interconnected and technologically advanced world, the application of innovative solutions has become imperative. Mahmoud asserts that Muslim scholars and scientists must seize the opportunity to harness the power of technology to confront a range of challenges, from environmental concerns to economic disparities.

Crucially, his call extends beyond the mere use of technology; it emphasizes the need for Muslim scientists to unite and collaborate actively. In a world where borders are becoming increasingly porous, cooperation and knowledge-sharing among Muslim scholars are essential to unlocking the full potential of technology.

To this end, Mahmoud encourages more cross-border collaboration and the exchange of ideas.


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