Kabul(IP)- The former President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai said that he intends to stay in Afghanistan and calls for a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

Iran PressAsia: "Dear residents of Kabul; my intention is to remain with you here, along with my family, my daughters, my children,” he wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday. “And I hope that the issues of our country and our capital city shall be resolved peacefully and through negotiations.”

“I request the security forces and forces of the Taliban, wherever they are, to protect people’s lives and property, and pay attention to protecting people’s lives and property,” he also said. 

Karzai went on to ask people to stay at home, adding that negotiations were ongoing. 

“We are making efforts to have the Afghan problem resolved, [through talks] with Taliban leaders, peacefully and based on brotherhood and patriotism,” he added.


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