Hamas: Centcom's support of Zionist regime outcome of compromise

The spokesman for the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) said in a statement that the US Department of Defense's action in placing the Zionist regime under the control of Centcom is a consequence of the Arab rulers' compromise with the Zionist regime.

Iran Press/Middle East: Hazem Qassim said in a statement on Saturday: "The US Department of Defense is seeking to strengthen military and security cooperation with all sides involved by placing the Zionist regime in the US Army Command Area in West Asia codenamed as the United States Central Command (Centcom), which also includes Arab countries."

Hamas spokesman stressed that the US decision was the result of recent compromise agreements between the Zionist regime and Arab rulers.

In the end, he said: "Compromise agreements have been concluded between the Arab rulers to advance the Zionist project in the region."

The US Department of Defense confirmed on Friday night that, under Trump's orders, the Zionist regime is under the control of the US Command in West Asia, instead of being covered by the US European Command.

Command of US Terrorist Headquarters in West Asia (Centcom) includes Headquarters of the US Army in West Asia and East Africa and Central Asia.


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