Global media resort to smear campaign against government

Tehran (IP) - Iran's President said that the media should stand up against the smear campaign and be realistic and give hope to the people by telling the facts on difficult days.

Iran PressIran news: Hassan Rouhani in a meeting with the journalists on Tuesday afternoon, referring to the government's interaction with the media, said: "The government has tried to behave and interact properly with the media so that they have easier access to media tools, enjoy complete freedom, to tell the truth, and be given the necessary data."

Referring to the important and historic achievements of the government in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) negotiations and the removal of all Security Council resolutions and the withdrawal from chapter seven of the UN Charter, as well as the end of the Possible Military Dimensions (PMD), the President said: “The reason why people do not know the realities of the Eleventh and Twelfth Governments in these areas is because of the smear campaign that the powerful media has done abroad and some at home."

Rouhani, stating that we all have a duty to tell the facts to the people as much as we can, said: “After the JCPOA, the oil sales capacity increased from 900,000 barrels to 2.8 million barrels, and the credit of all the projects that were inaugurated on Thursdays in 2020 is more than 1,200,000 billion tomans, which has been obtained in the shadow of the JCPOA. Also, the cost of transferring seawater to the Central Plateau of Iran, which was from the National Development Fund, was obtained from the sale of oil, which was obtained after the JCPOA."

The President called the philosophy of negotiation and dialogue between countries the pursuit of common interests and said: "It is naive to think that by negotiating with the United States, Europe or any other country, they will become our friend. In negotiations, each country acts on the basis of its own interests, and if we negotiate with a country, we must expect that country should act on the basis of our beliefs and principles, so in negotiations, we should seek common interests.

Rouhani stressed that there should be a balance regarding any issue, adding: "I believe that the country will not be saved except in the shadow of moderation, and if there is extremism, national interests will undoubtedly be sacrificed."

"Of course, we may not have achieved everything we set out to do, but certainly more than 80 percent of the expectations have been met," the president said, noting that the nuclear deal was 100 percent in the country's interest. “In a way that after the JCPOA and in 2016, we had the highest economic growth in the world and inflation became single-digit in some cases, and it is impossible for this great achievement to remain hidden in history.”


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