Paris(IP): French protesters, in the third year of the war in Ukraine, expressed their opposition to the support of the French government in this war in favor of Kyiv.

Iran PressEurope: macroAccording to Iranpress, French citizens gathered in front of the "Montparnasse" tower in Paris on Saturday evening to protest against the continuation of the policy of French President Emmanuel Macron's government in supporting Ukraine in the war with Russia.

Wearing "yellow vests" as a symbol of anti-government protests in France, protesters asked Macron's government not to send weapons to Ukraine.

These members of the Yellow Vest movement in Paris had handwritten notes with them that read: "This war has nothing to do with France, we don't want it."

Protesters in Paris emphasized to Macron:

"We want peace and tranquility of life; We will not abandon the voice of the people against the war in Ukraine." 219

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