The French government will shut the state’s borders to all traffic to and from countries outside of the EU as of Sunday in an effort to ward off yet another Covid lockdown in France.

Iran PressEurope: Speaking in a televised address French Prime Minister Jean Castex said that officials had decided against introducing a new national lockdown in a drastic bid to curb new Covid infections. Instead, tighter border controls are being introduced alongside tougher action against covid rule-breakers. 

"We know the grave impact [lockdown has]. Tonight, looking at the data of the past few days, we consider that we can still give ourselves a chance to avoid one," the PM said while outlining the new measures. 

He said that starting from midnight on Sunday, a ban will be in place on anyone arriving from outside the EU or leaving France for a non-EU country, apart from essential travel. Travelers coming in from EU states will need to show evidence of a negative PCR test. 

Meanwhile, working from home must be supported wherever possible by companies in France, Castex added. 

More police will be mobilized to ensure adherence to the existing 12-hour overnight curfew, Castex said, warning that particular firmness would be shown to anyone not complying, or who was gathering for illegal parties.