Sudanese security forces intensified a bloody crackdown against anti-military coup protesters to silence remained demonstrators.

Iran PressAfrica: Sudan's security forces have mounted a fierce crackdown in recent days to crush remaining unrest, six months after a coup that brought a military regime to power in the unstable strategic country.

Sudan security forces clashed with protesters against the military coup and opened fire on demonstrators as protest organizers were detained in a fierce crackdown by the regime.

Police fired teargas and shotguns at protesters as thousands took to the streets in the capital, Khartoum, and the twin city of Omdurman on Monday.

The violence followed a similarly harsh response to demonstrations over the weekend. According to doctors, in all, 113 people have been injured and one killed in recent days.

Ninety-six protesters have been killed since the coup in October last year, and more than 1,500 were detained.

The Central Committee of Sudan Doctors said injuries had been caused by live ammunition, stun grenades, stones, and moving vehicles in recent days. They included limb fractures, bullet wounds, and breathing difficulties from teargas.

Security forces have carried out a wave of arrests targeting the resistance committees, a network of informal associations that have organized most of the protests.

Legal representatives said 80 people associated with the protest movement had been detained in less than two weeks. Many have been dispersed to prisons around the country, often hundreds of miles from their homes.

International and regional powers have condemned the recent crackdown. The African Union and the United Nations mission in Sudan appealed to authorities "to stop the violence, release all detainees, including members and leaders of the resistance committees, stop all arrests, lift the state of emergency, and conduct credible investigations into all violent incidents.


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