Tehran (IP)- The European Union imposed an eighth package of sanctions on an additional 5 Iranian individuals and two entities.

Iran PressEurope: The individuals targeted by late sanctions include the commander of the Tehran Police Relief Unit of Iran’s Law Enforcement Forces, the spokesman of the Iranian police, and the secretary of Iran’s Supreme Council of Cyberspace, the European Council said in a statement on May 22. 

Furthermore, the Council listed the IRGC Cooperative Foundation, which is the body responsible for managing the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ investments and funneling money, and the Student Basij Organization (SBO). The latter acts as the Basij branch at Iranian university campuses. 

The EU sanctions now included a total of 216 individuals and 37 entities. 

Today’s package of listings follows the previous seven adopted by the Council on 17 October, 14 November, and 12 December 2022, 23 January, 20 February, 20 March, and 24 April 2023. 


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