Oct 17, 2019 19:17 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Mar 26, 2020 22:11 Asia/Tehran]

Karbala (IP)- Thousands of Pilgrims have been mourning for the third Shia Imam, inside and outside of Imam Hussein's holy shrine.

Iran Press/ Middle East: Thousands of Pilgrims have been mourning to commemorate the third Shia Imam, the grandson of the Holy Prophet (SW) Imam Hussein (PBUH) inside and outside of Imam Hussein's holy shrine in holy town of Karbala in central Iraq, reported Iran Press

The mourning processions are underway together with eulogy, rhythmical beating of the chest, and self-flagellation using chains which are all very common forms of mourning for the Chief of Martyrs Imam Hussein (peace be upon him), as Arbaeen, the fortieth day of Imam Hossein's martyrdom anniversary is approaching.

Thousands of Iranian and foreign pilgrims traveled to Iraq to participate in Arbaeen Trek while over 3 million have registered so far.



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