Dec 04, 2019 12:39 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Dec 04, 2019 17:13 Asia/Tehran]

The spokesman for the Iranian government, Ali Rabiei has said the recent attack on the Iranian consulate building in the Iraqi city of Najaf was carefully planned and organized.

Iran Press/Iran news: "The attack on the Iranian consulate was not at the hands of the Iraqi people and government. We will also pursue who has masterminded this,"  Ali Rabiei said to Iran Press in his weekly press conference on the sideline of the government's weekly session.

The rioters, who have been wreaking havoc in various parts of Iraq over the past weeks by infiltrating peaceful protests against corruption and poverty, stormed into the Islamic Republic’s diplomatic mission in Najaf and set it ablaze last week.

In another part of the remarks, the spokesman referred to the recent riots in Iran following the rise in gas prices and the damages caused, saying that the amount of the damages had been sent by the interior minister Rahmani Fazli to the government in a confidential letter which will be investigated.

Asked on the contradictory statistics on detainees and those killed in recent riots in the country and whether the statistics have delivered to the government, Rabiei said, "I had a conversation with Minister of Interior Rahmani Fazli today insisting that the reason for the presence of everyone in the riots should be clear and the cities and provinces of the detainees also should be differentiated."

"There should also be a separation of the number of people killed or injured. The government will announce the final decision and the damages will be compensated," he emphasized. 101

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