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85 percent of French people in a new poll said that Emmanuel Macron should divert his attention toward French people's concerns.

Iran Press/Europe: According to the latest poll, 85 percent of French people said that Emmanuel Macron should divert his attention toward French people's concerns and also 80 percent of French people think French President should change the way he communicates with people.

A majority of French people think Emmanuel Macron hasn't significantly adapted his approach to the concerns of the Yellow Jacket protests, with a large number calling for him to change his tack on social and economic policies, Iran Press reported.

According to the poll conducted by the Institut français d'opinion publique (IFOP), a majority of French people think that Macron hasn’t done enough to address concerns of Yellow Jackets movement, poll's result shows that Macron not responsive enough to Yellow Jackets.

Yellow Jackets protesters took to the streets in November to protest a fuel-tax hike. Many members of the movement, now in its 11th consecutive week of protests, are calling for widespread social reform.

Also, 78 percent of respondents want Macron to shift his socio-economic policies, according to the poll.

The poll comes after some 69,000 protesters demonstrated across France last Saturday, according to the interior ministry. Police arrested about 300 people across the country, and 66 in Paris.

On Jan. 13, tens of thousands of demonstrators turned out across France for new protests against French President Emmanuel Macron, amid a marked decline in violence despite dozens of arrests and clashes with police in Paris and other cities.


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