Tehran(IP): Iran’s spokesman for the Unity Council of Principlists called elections as Late Imam Khomeini's legacy and the symbol of religious democracy.

Iran PressIran news: Iran’s spokesman for the Unity Council of Principlists said that the elections are an opportunity for the people to evaluate what has happened to them in governing and ruling the country and to reconsider it by holding the elections.

Manouchehr Mottaki stated in an interview with Iran Press after participating in the elections at the Lorzadeh Mosque in Tehran that if the people are not satisfied with the government and do not consider its performance desirable, they should pay attention to the motoes of the presidential candidates, their record and background and their performance and then Vote for them.

Mottaki stated that the elections are  Late Imam Khomeini’s legacy .

He added :”Before the Islamic Revolution, people did not have the right to choose their own destiny, but Imam Khomeini restored this right to the Iranian nation.”

Mottaki  stressed that participating in the elections means appreciating the legacy of Imam Khomeini and paid their dues and repaid their obligation toward their religion and nation, and that the nation should rule its own destiny.

Manouchehr Mottaki added that the people of Iran participated in all elections in the last 42 years, despite the dissatisfaction of the officials due to their inability to solve problems, on the strength  of Imam Khomeini and the martyrs.

He stressed that the Iranian nation has come to the scene at critical moments, in order to once again determine its destiny with the right choice.


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