Armed gangs rampaged through two rich neighborhoods in Haiti’s capital on Monday, leaving dozens of people dead.

Iran Press/America: Gunmen looted homes in Laboule and Thomassin before sunrise, forcing residents to flee as some called radio stations pleading for police. 

Port-au-Price has been gripped by gang violence since the end of February. 

A photographer with AP, a US news agency, documented at least 12 bodies strewn on the streets of Pétionville, located just below Laboule and Thomassin, which had largely remained unscathed by the outbreak of violence.

“Abuse! This is abuse!” cried out one Haitian man who had gathered around the victims with others. “People of Haiti! Wake up!” 

An ambulance collected the all-male bodies. 

Gang violence has engulfed the Caribbean country in recent weeks.


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