Tehran(IP) - Iranian President said the developmental projects are a sign of the Iranian nation's power to ill-wishers, including the United States, Zionism, and the reactionaries and show the inefficiency of sanctions.

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking at the inauguration of large developmental projects in the field of water and soil of the country, in Kermanshah and Ilam provinces, via video conferencing on Thursday, Iran's President said that the Iranian nation has always been victorious and will resist against hurdles and problems.

Hassan Rouhani said, "Inauguration of 23,000 hectares of agricultural land in border areas using modern irrigation methods is the most enjoyable of all project openings".

"During the Imposed War [with Iraq], when we used to cross from the west to the south of the country and from Piranshahr to Khorramshahr, one of our dreams was to develop these areas and plains of Kermanshah and Ilam," said Rouhani.

Stating that the achievement of this national project was one of the aspirations of the late Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, the President said, "Towards the end of Hashemi's government, we reviewed this plan in the Supreme National Security Council and had many resolutions for its implementation".

"In the implementation of this project, many dams have been established so that from the victory of the Islamic Revolution to the beginning of the 11th government, 28 dams and in this government alone 24 dams have been built in these areas".

Rouhani appreciated the Leader of the Islamic Revolution for agreeing to allocate $8 billion from the National Development Fund to advance this project in the 11th and 12th governments, noting: "Today we are witnessing the opening of a large part of this national plan and 23,000 hectares of lands in Ilam and Kermanshah provinces, which will increase to 35,000 hectares by the end of this year".

Emphasizing that the government pays special attention to food security and border development, the President said that the entire government, managers, governors, engineers, and contractors, will pursue the completion of such projects with sensitivity until the last hour of the government's term of office".

Rouhani pointed out, "During the last 7 years, very good efforts and measures have been taken to increase the production of agricultural products in the country and this process continues to ensure the country's food security".

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Referring to the report of the Minister of Energy on the construction of border dams in 12 border provinces after the revolution, the President said, "These efforts mean that the Islamic Revolution has always paid special attention to food security and development of border areas".

Rouhani stated, "Kermanshah and Ilam provinces, which faced many problems during the war, are in a good situation in terms of agriculture and land development with the implementation of this national project today, and with the implementation of this project, agricultural products in this region will increase fourfold".

The President thanked all those involved in the implementation of this great national project, and said, "Over 200 contractors, including the Khatam al-Anbia Construction Headquarters and more than 40 consulting engineering companies, were involved in this project, and all tried to make a large part of this national project today".

He said that with the implementation of this plan, we are witnessing repatriation from cities to villages and this is very satisfying, he said, "The development of border areas is very important and this work is being seriously pursued by the government in the southern border provinces".

Rouhani also mentioned the development of lands, control of rivers and construction of dams, and preservation of soil as making the environment healthier and added: "Dams are a great barrier against floods and provide security for people's lives".

Continuing his speech in the honor of Martyred pilots Shiroudi and  Keshvari who sacrificed their lives in the Holy Defence era and sacrificed their lives for the country and the system, the President said, "We are approaching the anniversary of the return of dear prisoners of war to the country, and we salute all those who sacrificed their lives for the system and the revolution".


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