US (IP) - Presenting a speech at the ministerial conference held in the 68th meeting of the Women Status Commission (WSC), Iran's Vice President for Women and Family Affairs elaborated on the measures taken to fight poverty among her country's women.

Ensiyeh Khazali said the Islamic Republic of Iran is present in this meeting as a country that in addition to dealing with the problems common to women in all countries, is coping with the cruel economic sanctions that have no other purpose but to impoverish Iran.

She said: "I am proud to announce that we made the challenges an opportunity to become stronger and stand up against unilateralism in the world."

Khazali then elaborated on the measures taken In the Islamic Republic to fight poverty among Iranian women, which are as follows: 

-    Allocation of 1 percent of the national budget of the Persian current year to address the issue in women and family affairs;

-    A sustainable family-based business plan with the support of Iranian women entrepreneurs in order to empower the women as custodians of households across the country, from education the women to procurement of raw materials and connection to the market;

-    Preparing bank guarantee for a group of women without financial support in the vulnerable social classes of society, so that they could receive employment and loan facilities;

-    The implementation of CBR (community-based rehabilitation) since 1995, in order to provide rehabilitation services, reduce poverty, and equalize opportunities for the disabled in the fields of health, education, employment, and social affairs with a special focus on women;

-    The implementation of the 'Law to Support the Development and Creation of Sustainable Employment in Rural and Nomadic Areas', which has significantly improved the situation of rural women and girls;

-    The increase in the access to resources for rural and nomadic women, as well as improving the level of their knowledge and skills, and especially creating a rural micro fund, which has led to the increase of the rural families' livelihood security and food health; and

-    Allocation of loans to launch home businesses and more facilitated issuance of licenses, which has reduced the unemployment rate of women by two percent in the past Iranian year.

At the end of her speech, the Iranian VP referred to the report of the UN Women organization about the effects of the recent Israeli war on the security and livelihood of women in Gaza and called on the attendees and the international bodies to take effective actions so that food and medicine could reach the defenseless people. 

Since October 7 and the Israeli regime war on Gaza, more than 31,000 Palestinian people have been martyred 70 percent of whom are women and children, amidst the famine the war has brought for the defenseless people. 204

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