Russia (IP) - The US-backed Daesh (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the Crocus terrorist attack in Moscow that happened on Friday.

Iran Press/Europe: The attack, which took place on Friday night at the Crocus City Hall commercial complex in the suburbs of Moscow, claimed 115 lives and left over 100 others injured.

Issuing a statement published on Telegram, the ISIS terrorist group said its militants attacked a large gathering on the outskirts of the Russian capital, Moscow; ISIS also asserted that its forces fled, according to Euro News.

In a televised speech on Saturday, Russia's President Vladimir Putin said that the terrorists escaped toward the Ukrainian border, where all 4 of them were arrested.

Putin said that the terrorists tried to flee to Ukraine; according to preliminary information, on the Ukrainian side, a corridor was prepared for terrorists to cross the border.

Putin announced public mourning on Sunday, March 24, over the Crocus terrorist attack in Moscow.204

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