Tehran (IP) - During the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus meeting, Iran President stated that the effects of the coronavirus restrictions, have been positive.

Iran Press/Iran news:Iranian President Hassan Rouhani during the National Task Force for Fighting coronavirus meeting on Saturday said that according to the Ministry of Health's reports, the effects of the health guidelines, which have been in place since two weeks ago and have continued until now, have been positive.

Referring to the number of death per day due to coronavirus, he noted: "We hope to see a much better situation with the cooperation of the people. We were moving to 500 death per day, and some predictions were that we would be in a much worse situation. However, we moved from 400 death per day to 300 death per day, and we hope to have a better situation over time."

"When the observations increase and the protocols improve, we will experience better conditions a few weeks later," he added.


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