IP- 12 Taliban members in Afghanistan were injured following an attack by unknown armed men in the west of the country.

Iran PressAsia: The Taliban group, which has come to power in Afghanistan since August 15, 2021, has tried to prevent explosions and terrorist attacks in this country, but the people of Afghanistan have always witnessed these attacks.

Hundreds of people have been killed and injured in these attacks, and most of these attacks and explosions have been carried out by the ISIS terrorist group.

According to the Shafqana news agency of Afghanistan, the security officials of the Taliban government in the city of Herat in western Afghanistan announced that unknown armed men attacked the vehicle carrying the Taliban government forces in this city today (Monday), as a result of which at least 12 of these forces were injured.

Taliban security officials say that three armed attackers threw grenades at Taliban forces after the shooting.

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As a result of this conflict, one armed person was killed, and two others escaped. Meanwhile, civilian casualties have also been reported. So far, no person or group has claimed responsibility for this attack.

According to the reports, 18 civilians, including two students, were injured, and two others were killed in the attack.

So far, no person or group has claimed responsibility for this attack.


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