UK prime minister Theresa May has admitted that she has no choice except to work with Labour party on Brexit.

Iran Press/Europe: Theresa May has warned that Brexit could 'slip through our fingers' unless a compromise deal can be reached with Jeremy Corbyn.

May's comments come as she is warned that accepting a lengthy delay to Brexit would be a 'suicide note' for the Tories, Sky News reported.

Her comments also come as she continues to try to reach an agreement with the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, that she can get MPs to vote through parliament.

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The UK is due to leave the EU on 12 April after her negotiated deal with Brussels was voted down for the third time in the Commons but the prime minister has asked the EU for an extension to 30 June.

Meanwhile, UK Chancellor Philip Hammond has revealed he is 'optimistic' the Government can reach some form of deal with the Labour Party to end a deadlock on Brexit, as he says there are no red lines in talking to the Labour Party.

Theresa May, who has been accused by Labour of failing to propose changes to her deal in cross-party negotiations, insisted their positions offered the basis for a compromise.

She said agreeing a deal could lead to the UK leaving the European Union in six weeks but a failure could result in no Brexit at all.

May said: "Because Parliament has made clear it will stop the UK leaving without a deal, we now have a stark choice: leave the European Union with a deal or do not leave at all."

"My answer to that is clear: we must deliver Brexit and to do so we must agree a deal. If we cannot secure a majority among Conservative and DUP MPs we have no choice but to reach out across the House of Commons," May added.


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