A senior aide to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad says Turkish President is seeking to bring the 'Muslim Brotherhood' in Syrian government as opposition.

Iran Press/Middle East:  Presidential Political and Media Adviser to the Syrian President, Bouthaina Shaaban, accused Turkey of not being committed to the agreement on opposition based Idlib governorate in northwestern Syria, adding that Recep Tayyip Erdogan is trying to play other cards because he has failed in establishing a so-called 'safe zone' he talked about.

Truce in Idlib was reached on the 17th of last September in Sochi by the participation of Iran, Russia, and Turkey.

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In an interview with al-Mayadeen TV on Thursday, Shaaban said that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been seeking to bring the Muslim Brotherhood into the government in Syria.

"What Erdogan is still trying to do and wanted to do before the beginning of this war against Syria is the recognition of the 'Muslim Brotherhood' and making it a part of Syrian authorities. Today, Erdogan, acting through loyal oppositions to him and ensure that the Muslim Brotherhood has a voice in the Syrian government, but religious parties including 'Muslim Brotherhood' are not allowed in Syria according to the country's constitution.

The Muslim Brotherhood is considered a terror group by Syria and a number of other regional states. However, some regional players believe that Ankara supports the group. Erdogan has said that the Muslim Brotherhood is an ideological organization and should not be treated as a terror group.

The last Muslim Brotherhood's Turkey ally was the ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi.

Shaaban else ever of her interview stressed that Syrian people will not accept any interference in their affairs and that every inch of the Syrian territory will be restored to the Syrian sovereignty.

She stressed that the Syrian Arab army will work on restoring every inch of the Syrian territory to Syrian sovereignty.

Syrian Presidential Adviser on the situation in Idlib said terrorism cannot be tolerated in the province forever and should be brought to an end, she added: "Liberation of Idlib from terrorism is inevitable for the Syrian leadership."

"Kurds are a main part of the Syrian fabric and the majority of Syrian Kurds want unity and national sovereignty of the country preserved," Shaaban added.


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