Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir met  Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in Cairo on Monday.

Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir met Egyptian president, Abdel Fatahh al-Sisi in Cairo on Monday as part of a one-day trip aimed at mending ties between the two countries.

The two leaders discussed Addis Ababa's Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam currently under construction which upon completion could threaten Egypt's fresh water supply.

"As the Nile River is a lifeline for the people of the valley of the Nile, we agreed on working together along with our brothers in Ethiopia to reach an agreement of a partnership in the Nile that benefits everybody and to continue working on the results of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia's trilateral summit regarding the Renaissance dam," Egyptian president said.

Bashir, in turn, commended Sisi's leadership and wished Egypt good luck in advance of general elections to take place later in March.

"Egypt is now witnessing a period of elections and in such a period, in many countries, there is a chance of insecurity, and we pray to God to save Egypt and keep it stable and secure," Sudan's president said.

Egyptian-Sudanese relations have witnessed ups and downs in recent months over an Ethiopian Nile dam and a border dispute between the two countries.

Last week, Sudan invited the foreign and irrigation ministers as well as chief of intelligence of Egypt and Ethiopia to hold meetings over the dam on April 4, for two days.