Germany's minister made it clear that the EU would take a strong stand against the new steel and aluminum tariffs proposed by US President.

Germany's new economy and energy minister Peter Altmaier on Sunday made it clear before a meeting between German and US officials in Washington that the EU would take a strong stand against the new steel and aluminum tariffs proposed by US President Donald Trump.

The economy and energy minister of Germany’s new grand coalition government Peter Altmaier has warned the US government that if a trade war with their closest ally, the European Union, unfolded, it would have grave consequences for the EU and impact entrepreneurs and consumers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Speaking to the German outlet Handelsblatt, he warned that “laughing third parties would be countries which profit from damping prices,” and that a lot was at stake for everyone concerned.

Altmaier, who represents  Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, travelled to the US for the German-American summit along with German Chancellor.

The economy and energy minister of Germany’s advised the US leadership against any steps which undermine the bond between the EU and US saying that attempts “to divide Europe, which is a customs union and acts together, would neither be in the interest of the US government, nor succeed.”

Germany's first top-level visit to the US since the new coalition government started its term on March 13th started on March 19.

 The German economy chief is to meet with his US counterpart Wilbur Ross to discuss, first of all, the 25 percent tariff on imported steel and the 10 percent tariff on aluminum, which Donald Trump imposed to protect US heavy industries from competition, particularly from China. The only countries that obtained exclusive exemptions were Canada and Mexico.

Another threat is Trump’s plan introduce higher tariffs on car imports, which could hit German car producers.

The European Union says it's ready to retaliate against the US over President Donald Trump's proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum.