Tehran(IP)- A review of Iran's nanotechnology export market reports shows that despite sanctions the name of the United States of America appears among the list of customers and applicants for Iranian equipment.

Iran PressIran news: According to the report of the Nano Technology Development Headquarters, currently, more than 1,200 nano products are produced and marketed by 325 knowledge-based companies active in the field of nanotechnology. The sales of these companies in 1400 reached 18 thousand billion tomans with an increase of 7 thousand billion tomans compared to the previous year.

The sale of 18 tons of nanotechnology includes export to many parts of the world, besides meeting domestic needs. The growth of the production of nano products during these years, in addition to domestic consumption, has led to exports to more than 45 countries in the world. Statistics show that foreign markets make up more than 7% of Iran's nano products market.

Iraq is the largest customer of Iran's nano products with 21 million dollars, followed by Türkiye with 12 million dollars, considered Iran's second destination for nanotechnology products and goods. Lebanon, Georgia, and Afghanistan are also in the next positions in the foreign market of nano products, respectively

Among the foreign destinations of Iran's nano products, the name of the United States of America is also noticeable. Despite the US sanctions against the Iranian people, imports from Iran by this country are interesting in their own way and signify double standards. This also shows that advanced Iranian products have been able to find their place in the world market despite the sanctions.

The entry of Iran's nanotechnology products into the US under sanctions was first stated by Saeed Jalili, a member of the Supreme National Security Council.

He had announced in a tweet: One of the signs of the country's progress and the enemy's helplessness is that, on the one hand, USA punishes other countries for buying oil from Iran thanks to secondary sanctions, and on the other hand, On the other hand, USA ignores its initial sanctions to buy advanced nanotechnology products from Iran and imports them through intermediaries.


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