Iran (IP) - Two young Iranian young microbiologists managed to invent a burn relief spray with specific features.

Iran PressIran news: Stating that the produced burn relief spray cures up to 20% of burn wounds very quickly, the two young microbiologists Narjes Mohammadi and Mohammad Abtaleb said that the spray worked on patients with 2nd and 3rd-degree burns during a 20-day period.

Mohammadi enumerated no foreign counterpart and no need for dressing and washing as the unique characteristics of the product. 

Mohammadi Bandari also explained the usage of the spray and said that it is quickly absorbed after being sprayed on the skin and is used in the treatment of pathogenic bacterial infections.

It is effective and tested by dermatologists in the clinical trial phase, she said.

Pointing out the process of producing the spray, Abutaleb stated that for 10 years they have devoted 8 hours a day to the development of the spray.

After conducting animal testing, they entered the clinical trial stage, with all the processes being implemented in the Gilan Science and Technology Park's laboratory, in northern Iran, he said.


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