A Blast tore through a mosque near the funeral of the former deputy governor (acting governor) of Badakhshan in Badakhshan province, northern Afghanistan.

Iran PressAsia: Mazuddin Ahmadi, the head of the information and culture department of Badakhshan confirmed for TOLOnews that the explosion took place in Faizabad, the capital of Badakhshan.

A source from the provincial hospital, who was speaking on condition of anonymity, told TOLOnews that they received 15 dead bodies and 50 wounded.

Locals told TOLOnews that the explosion took place inside the Nabawi mosque in the Hesa-e-Awal area of Faizabad.

On Tuesday, the acting governor of Badakhshan province, whose formal position was deputy governor, Mawlawi Nisar Ahmad Ahmadi, was killed in a vehicle bomb blast that occurred in Faizabad, the provincial capital.

The ISIS claimed responsibility for a car bomb on Tuesday that killed the deputy governor. 


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