Tehran (IP) - Tehran-Ashgabat cooperation in the gas sector could turn Iran into an energy hub in the region, said a lawmaker on Monday.

Iran PressIran News: Malek Shariati Niasar, the Iranian Parliament’s Energy Committee spokesman, made the remarks in his talks with SHANA and called for seizing the opportunity and swapping gas from Turkmenistan.

The MP praised the Ministry of Petroleum under the 13th (incumbent) administration for promoting energy diplomacy and added, “In the past, all attention was focused on Western countries, and the gas deal with Turkmenistan was canceled due to poor energy diplomacy, inflicting damage on the country’s gas sector and even traders.”

The spokesman said gas imports from Turkmenistan will also help meet some part of the needs in north and northeastern Iran.

Now, the positive approaches [adopted by the incumbent administration] in energy diplomacy have helped clear the debt Iran owed to Turkmenistan for importing gas in the previous governments and expand Tehran-Ashgabat economic relations, Shariati Niasar said.


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