Tehran (IP) - A press brief was held to evaluate the 'Gildokht' series with the presence of its cast on May 29, 2023, hearing the audiences' opinions.

Iran PressIran news: The story of Golnar and Esmail is woven in the middle of the chaos and Qajri, the fabric of their hearts. It is a story of lovers who, if they have a thousand reasons to leave, find one reason to stay.

The 'Gildokht' series is made and produced by the IRIB Word Service's order.

Attending the press brief, the producer of the series said that 'Gildokht' has proven that series is the best way to picture parts of politics, history, food, culture, language, clothing, and human relationships of any society.

As the other keynote speaker, the director of the series noted: "It must be said that 'Gildokht' is a popular series among people."

The author of the series also stated: "The film was well received and the audience deserves the best."

Also, Hossein Qaraei, General Director of Public Relations of the IRIB stressed: "The 'Gildokht' series has attracted many audiences of different ages from all over the country."

He announced that another press conference will be held in June and after the end of the series, with the head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) Peyman Jebelli to honor the cast.


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